How to Get Free VPN: Best Methods

Want to keep your online life private and access blocked content without paying? We’ve found the top free VPN services for you. They offer fast speeds, strong security, and help you get past geo-blocks1.

Our team spent over 2,500 hours researching more than 50 VPN providers and testing 300 speeds. We also talked to 6 industry experts for their top picks on free VPNs1.

This guide will show you the best free VPN options. We’ll cover their main features, downsides, and how to start using them. Whether you want a trial, an ad-supported service, or a completely free VPN, we’ve got you covered. Get ready for a secure and private online experience without spending money.

What Is a VPN and Why Do You Need One?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) creates a secure, encrypted “tunnel” between your device and the internet2. It hides your IP address and routes your internet traffic through a remote server. This way, your online activity and location stay hidden from others, giving you privacy and security2.

The top VPN services have thousands of servers worldwide and follow strict no-logs policies. This means your data and browsing history stay private2. VPNs are great for using public Wi-Fi or accessing content blocked in your area. They help you get past censorship and unblock content2.

How Does a VPN Work?

A VPN encrypts your internet traffic and sends it through a secure server. This hides your IP address and location2. So, your internet service provider and others can’t see what you’re doing online or where you are2.

Benefits of Using a VPN

  • Enhances online privacy and security2
  • Bypasses geographic content restrictions and censorship2
  • Protects against cybercriminals and hacking attempts when using public Wi-Fi2
  • Allows access to geo-restricted streaming content2
  • Hides your IP address and location from advertisers and trackers2

VPNs don’t make you completely anonymous online, but they do boost your privacy and security a lot compared to not using one2. For even more privacy, you might use tools like the Tor network. But, this could slow down your internet speed a bit2.

A VPN is a must-have for anyone wanting to keep their online life safe and private2. It masks your identity and location, protecting your personal info and online actions from others2.

The Limitations of Free VPNs

Free VPNs can make your online privacy better, but they have big limits3. Half of the top free VPNs are owned by Chinese companies, which raises worries about how they handle your data3. Free VPNs often have problems like DNS leaks, IP leaks, weak encryption, and no support, among others3. Google took down many free VPN apps from its store because they were linked to cybercrime, like ad fraud and phishing3.

4 About 38% of free Android VPN apps have malware, which can harm your device and data4. Free VPNs usually limit how much data you can use each day or month4. Windscribe’s free plan gives you 10GB a month and lets you connect to servers in 10 countries4. This 10GB limit might not be enough for big tasks like streaming or downloading big files4. ProtonVPN’s free plan doesn’t limit your data, which is great for those who need a lot of bandwidth4. Free VPNs often don’t have support, making it hard for users to fix problems4. It’s important to pick a VPN with strong encryption like AES 256-bit for better security4. If you need faster speeds and better security, you might want to pay for a VPN4. Be careful with your personal info when using free VPNs to avoid data theft or privacy issues4.

5 Free VPNs are a budget-friendly way to protect your online privacy5. They offer servers in many places around the world5. But, they have limits on bandwidth, server locations, and how many devices you can connect at once5. There are worries about them logging your data, selling it, and spreading malware5. Free VPNs might be slower and not always reliable5. They make money through ads, and they often don’t have support for their users5.

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In summary, free VPNs might seem like a good deal, but they have big downsides. These include data limits, slow speeds, limited access to servers, security risks, and unreliable use. If you need better features, faster speeds, and good support, paying for a VPN might be a better choice.

NordVPN – Best Full-Featured VPN with Free Offers

If you’re searching for a top-notch virtual private network (VPN), NordVPN is a great pick. It doesn’t have a “free” plan, but it does offer special deals. These deals let you try its premium VPN service for free for a bit67.

When you sign up for a year or two-year NordVPN subscription, you get extra months for free7. This means you can enjoy all of NordVPN’s features. You’ll get access to over 6400 servers in 111 countries6, strong AES-256 encryption6, and advanced security tools like Obfuscated, Double VPN, and Onion Over VPN6. You won’t face data limits or speed issues.

NordVPN focuses on keeping you safe and private. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee67 and 24/7 support through email or live chat67. The NordLynx protocol it uses ensures fast speeds without slowing down your internet6. With servers in 111 countries67, you can stay secure and connected wherever you are.

For a dependable, full-featured VPN with free access, NordVPN is a top choice. Don’t miss out on their limited-time offers. Experience the premium VPN benefits without the usual free VPN limits678.

Surfshark – Best VPN Free Trial

Looking to try a top VPN without paying first? Surfshark has a 30-day free trial for you. This lets you see how their top security and connectivity work9.

With Surfshark’s free trial, you get to use over 3,200 servers in more than 100 countries10. You can protect all your devices at once, keeping your whole family safe while you surf, stream, and download fast10.

After the trial, Surfshark offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you sign up for their paid plan11. This lets you test the service fully before deciding to keep it11.

Surfshark has won many awards, like the Tech Advisor Editors’ Choice in 2024 and the Independent’s Editor’s Choice for Best Value VPN in 202310. They stand for user privacy and online freedom, supporting non-profit groups10.

Surfshark’s free trial lets you try a premium VPN service without any catch. It’s perfect for bypassing geo-blocks, boosting your online security, or just enjoying a faster internet. Don’t miss out on this chance with Surfshark’s free VPN trial.

Hotspot Shield – Fastest Free VPN

If you need a fast free VPN, Hotspot Shield is a great choice. It has been downloaded over 650 million times, showing it’s popular and trusted12. In 2024, Top10VPN named it the “World’s Fastest VPN,” proving its speed12.

Hotspot Shield’s speed comes from its Hydra protocol, a special VPN technology12. This protocol is different from what other VPNs use, making Hotspot Shield the fastest free VPN12.

Over 800 million times, people have downloaded Hotspot Shield’s free VPN, showing its wide use and recognition1213. It’s also known for being open and honest, making it a top choice for privacy12.

The free version of Hotspot Shield shows ads every 15 minutes, but it’s free and fast12. For those who want fast and secure internet, the ads are a small trade-off.

Key Features of Hotspot Shield Free VPN:

  • Hotspot Shield VPN has been downloaded more than 800 million times13.
  • Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy is trusted by millions of Google Play users13.
  • The Premium version of Hotspot Shield VPN offers access from 115 virtual locations13.
  • Premium accounts support up to five devices13.
  • The Premium VPN pricing includes a 1-month subscription for $12.99/month and an annual subscription for $7.99/month (which saves 38%)13.

Hotspot Shield is a great pick for those who want a free VPN that’s fast and reliable. Its Hydra protocol and large user base make it a leader in free VPNs12. The ads might be a bit annoying, but the benefits of using Hotspot Shield’s free VPN are worth it for fast and secure internet.

hotspot shield free vpn

PrivadoVPN – Best Free VPN for Unlimited Devices

If you’re looking for a free VPN to protect all your devices, PrivadoVPN is a great pick. It has a free plan with lots of features that make it stand out14.

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PrivadoVPN gives you 10GB of data each month for free, which is more than many others offer14. This lets you use it for web browsing, streaming, and even some file sharing. Plus, you can connect to servers in nine countries, including the US, UK, and Canada14.

PrivadoVPN’s free plan also includes important security features. You get a reliable kill switch14 and speeds of about 350 Mbps14. This means you can watch your favorite shows on Netflix, Disney Plus, and BBC iPlayer without any buffering or slowdowns14.

The best part of PrivadoVPN’s free plan is that it lets you connect unlimited devices at once14. This means you can protect your smartphone, laptop, tablet, and more, all with one account. No other free VPN can do this.

Even though the free plan only lets you connect one device at a time14, PrivadoVPN’s features and performance are unmatched. It’s the top choice for those who want a free VPN to protect their devices141516.

How to Get a Free VPN

Getting a free VPN can boost your online privacy and security without costing you money. There are several ways to get free VPN services, each with its own pros and cons. Let’s look at the different options to help you pick the best free VPN for you.

One popular way to get a free VPN is through premium VPN providers’ free trials. These trials usually last over 30 days, letting you try out the VPN’s features and see if you like it before paying17. For example, Proton VPN has a free plan with no data limits, no speed limits, no ads, and no logging of your online activities17. This free plan supports one device, but the paid version supports up to 10 devices17.

Another choice is ad-supported freemium VPN plans. These plans make money by showing ads to users. They might have data or speed limits, but they still offer some privacy and security18. PrivadoVPN Free, for example, gives you 10GB of full-speed data each month and then unlimited slow data18. It has servers in 10 countries across 12 locations and lets you use it on one device per plan18.

Some VPN providers also offer free versions of their services, but these have more limits19. PCMag tested and found Proton VPN, TunnelBear, Hotspot Shield, PrivadoVPN, and to be the top free VPN choices. Each has its own special features and limits19.

When picking a free VPN, make sure to check the provider’s reputation, encryption, server network, and any limits on its free version. Choosing a trusted free VPN lets you enjoy better online privacy and security without paying upfront.

Atlas VPN – Best Free VPN for Privacy

Looking for a free VPN that keeps your privacy safe? Atlas VPN is a great choice. It offers a free plan with top-notch security to shield your online actions20.

Atlas VPN’s free plan is all about keeping your privacy. It uses the WireGuard protocol for strong encryption and has a strict no-logs policy. This means your browsing data stays private20. With servers in 49+ locations worldwide20, you can access content from anywhere while staying anonymous.

The free plan also has cool features like Split Tunneling and SafeSwap. Split Tunneling lets you pick which apps or websites use the VPN. SafeSwap gives you different IP addresses from the same server20. Plus, Data Breach Monitor alerts you if your info is leaked online20.

The free plan has some limits, like a 5GB data cap and only three server locations21. But, Atlas VPN’s focus on privacy and security makes it a top pick for online anonymity20. It also has a MultiHop+ feature for extra security20.

If you want a reliable and privacy-focused free VPN, check out Atlas VPN. It’s all about keeping your online life private, secure, and anonymous22.

FeatureAtlas VPN FreeAtlas VPN Premium
Server Locations344
Monthly Data Limit5GBUnlimited
Simultaneous ConnectionsUnlimitedUnlimited
ProtocolsWireGuard, IKEv2WireGuard, IKEv2
Streaming UnblockingLimitedUnlimited
Monthly CostFree$1.64 (2-year plan)

In summary, Atlas VPN is a top choice for a free VPN focused on privacy. It offers strong security, a no-logs policy, and servers worldwide. This means you can browse safely and privately without losing your freedom21.

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TunnelBear – Best Server Network

TunnelBear is a top choice for a free VPN. It’s known for easy-to-use apps and a wide server network23. The free plan lets users connect to over 40 countries, making it great for accessing content worldwide23.

TunnelBear is serious about privacy and security23. It uses strong encryption and does regular security checks on its apps23. This keeps user data safe, especially on public Wi-Fi23.

The free version has a data limit, but it’s still a solid choice for privacy and security23. With servers in many countries, it’s great for accessing content and getting past local blocks23.

Extensive Server Locations and Fast Speeds

TunnelBear’s free VPN has a huge server network24. It offers 5,000 servers in 47 countries, giving users lots of options24. Plus, it connects you to real locations, not just virtual ones.

It’s also fast, with a speed rating of 8.824. This means fast browsing and streaming, even on far-off servers24. TunnelBear uses top security protocols for speed without sacrificing safety.

Generous Free Plan and Affordable Paid Options

TunnelBear has plans for everyone25. The free plan gives you 500MB of data a month, and you can get more by tweeting about it25. For more data, there’s a $9.99 monthly plan, a yearly plan for $59.88, or a three-year plan for $12025.

No matter the plan, TunnelBear keeps your data safe and private25. It doesn’t track your web activity and has a kill switch to prevent leaks24.

TunnelBear is a top pick for a free VPN232425. It’s great for bypassing geo-blocks, accessing global content, or just keeping your online activities private.

Choosing the Right Free VPN for Your Needs

When picking a free VPN, think about what you really need. Consider the VPN’s data and speed limits, server locations, streaming ability, and security features. If you just want to browse the web and keep your online activities private, a free plan with some limits might be enough26. But, if you need to stream content or get past geo-blocks, you might want to try a premium VPN’s free trial or pay for a subscription26.

ProtonVPN gives you a free VPN with no data limits and secure connections to five countries26. Windscribe’s free plan has 2GB of data each month, but you can get 10GB by sharing your email26. Hotspot Shield’s free version lets you use 500MB of data daily and connects you to the US only26. offers 10GB of data monthly and is great for beginners with its easy-to-use interface26. TunnelBear gives you 2GB of data each month and works with streaming services in 47 countries26.

PrivadoVPN is a top choice for a free VPN with more features. It offers 10GB of fast data each month, plus unlimited slow data18. It’s great for streaming and has fast speeds, reaching up to 900 Mbps in tests18. PrivadoVPN has servers in 12 locations across 10 countries and supports up to one device per account18. Experts rate it as the best free VPN out there18.

Look at each free VPN’s strengths and limits to pick the best one for you. Whether you’re into basic web use, streaming, or more, find a VPN that balances what you need with what you’re okay with26. The goal is to get a VPN that fits your specific needs26.

VPN ProviderData LimitServer LocationsStreaming CapabilitiesSecurity Features
ProtonVPNUnlimited5 countriesLimitedSecure data
Windscribe2GB/month (10GB with email)UnknownLimitedUnknown
Hotspot Shield500MB/dayUS onlyLimitedUnknown
Hide.me10GB/monthUnknownLimitedSimple interface
TunnelBear2GB/month47 countriesYesUnknown
PrivadoVPN10GB/month (unlimited at 1 Mbps)12 locations in 10 countriesYesKill switch, split tunneling, AES-256 encryption

By comparing these free VPNs, you can pick the best one for your needs and preferences261827.

The Importance of Paid VPN Services

Free VPNs can help with online privacy and security, but they don’t match up with paid VPNs in many ways28. Paid VPNs usually offer faster speeds, more server choices, and don’t limit your data. They also have better security like multi-hop encryption and a strict no-logs policy282930., Many paid VPNs invest in making their services better and get checked by independent auditors to prove they keep your data safe29.

If you use a VPN for streaming, torrenting, or accessing private info, paying for a VPN is a smart choice2830., Services like NordVPN and PureVPN provide strong security and keep your data and online actions private2829.,

Choosing between free and paid VPNs depends on what you need most: speed, security, or your budget2830., Free VPNs might be okay for casual use, but for those needing a dependable and full-featured VPN, paying for one is usually a better choice in the end.

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