How to access reddit without VPN

How to Unblock Reddit (No VPN Required)

How to access reddit without VPN- When you are on vacation in a country, you may find that many websites are blocked by both the government and ISP providers. However; there are several solutions for this. One solution is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that tunnels you through another network in another location in the world. This not only allows you to access the sites you want but also masks what you are browsing from your ISP provider.

So, if you get temporary ban from other sites like indiegala, HB etc. due to moving locations and like vacations while opening reddit). And this is very annoying. some of these tips will help you access reddit without a VPN?

Reddit is a popular social media platform and online community where users can share, discuss, and discover content on various topics. It functions as a network of communities, known as subreddits, each dedicated to a specific subject or theme.

On Reddit, users can submit posts, which can include links, text, images, or videos, and other users can interact with these posts through voting, commenting, and sharing. The posts that receive the most upvotes from the community members rise to the top of the subreddit or the Reddit homepage, gaining more visibility and engagement.

Users can subscribe to subreddits that interest them, allowing them to customize their Reddit experience and see content related to their preferences. Subreddits cover a wide range of topics, including news, technology, gaming, movies, science, sports, art, and many more. There are subreddits for nearly every interest and niche imaginable.

Reddit also fosters discussions through its comment system. Users can comment on posts, reply to other users’ comments, and engage in conversations, creating a dynamic and interactive community experience.

One of the defining features of Reddit is its voting system. Users can upvote or downvote posts and comments, indicating their approval or disapproval. This system helps determine the visibility and ranking of content within the community.

Reddit has gained a reputation for its diverse and passionate user base, often referred to as “Redditors.” It is known for hosting Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions, where individuals from various fields or backgrounds answer questions from the community.

Overall, Reddit provides a platform for people to connect, share, and explore a wide range of topics and interests, making it one of the most influential and engaging social media platforms on the internet.

What Users Are Looking for In Reddit

Users visit Reddit for various reasons, and what they are looking for can vary depending on their interests and needs. However, here are some common things that users often seek on Reddit:
  1. Information and News: Reddit is a valuable source for finding information and staying updated on current events. Users can join subreddits dedicated to specific topics or industries to find the latest news, discussions, and insights from experts and enthusiasts.
  2. Discussion and Community: Many users visit Reddit to engage in discussions with like-minded individuals or to connect with communities that share their interests. Reddit provides a platform for users to ask questions, share experiences, seek advice, and participate in conversations with other members of the community.
  3. Entertainment and Humor: Reddit is known for its entertaining and humorous content. Users often visit subreddits dedicated to funny videos, memes, jokes, and entertaining stories to unwind, laugh, and find lighthearted content.
  4. Personal Interests and Hobbies: Reddit hosts an extensive range of subreddits covering almost every imaginable interest or hobby. Users can find communities dedicated to specific sports teams, video games, TV shows, movies, art, photography, cooking, fitness, and much more. They seek content and discussions related to their passions and hobbies.
  5. Support and Advice: Reddit provides a platform where users can seek support and advice on various topics, such as relationships, mental health, career guidance, personal finance, and more. Users can find subreddits with supportive communities where they can share their experiences and receive assistance from others.
  6. Recommendations and Reviews: Reddit is a valuable platform for seeking recommendations and reviews on products, services, books, movies, and more. Users often turn to specific subreddits to gather insights from the community, ask for recommendations, and make informed decisions.

How to access reddit without VPN?


Accessing Reddit via HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) ensures that your connection is encrypted, making it more secure. Simply enter “” in your web browser’s address bar instead of ““. Most modern browsers automatically redirect to the secure HTTPS version of websites if available.

Tor Browser:

The Tor Browser is a privacy-focused web browser that anonymizes your internet traffic by routing it through a network of volunteer-operated servers. It can help you access Reddit anonymously and bypass certain restrictions. To use Tor Browser, download it from the official website ( and follow the installation instructions.

Modify DNS Settings:

Website blocking sometimes relies on DNS restrictions. By changing your DNS (Domain Name System) settings, you can bypass these blocks. Open your network settings and modify the DNS server addresses to those provided by public DNS services like Google DNS ( and or Cloudflare DNS ( and Instructions for changing DNS settings depend on your operating system and device.

Use Web Proxies:

Web proxies act as intermediaries between your device and the websites you want to access, allowing you to bypass restrictions. Search for reputable web proxies and enter the URL “” into their search bar or address field. The proxy server fetches the Reddit page for you and displays it in your browser.

Mobile Data:

If you’re accessing Reddit on a mobile device and it’s blocked on your Wi-Fi network, you can switch off Wi-Fi and use your mobile data connection instead. This can bypass any restrictions placed on your Wi-Fi network and allow you to access Reddit.

Remember, while these methods can help you access Reddit without a VPN, they may not offer the same level of security and privacy protection. Additionally, the effectiveness of these methods may vary depending on your location and the specific restrictions in place. If maintaining privacy and security is important to you, using a reputable VPN service is generally recommended.

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