Recommended VPN That Works with Netflix Reddit in 2023

Google provides quick responses If you’re looking for honest and straightforward responses take a look at Reddit. This is the case for almost everything that concerns relationship issues to suggestions which is especially the case in the realm of technical matters such as VPN recommendations.

  • NordVPN – the best all-around VPN according to Reddit
  • Surfshark – is the most cost-effective VPN as per Reddit
  • ProtonVPN – A reliable VPN that streams, no-cost version
  • PrivateVPN – a fast secure VPN that is reliable enough for browsing Reddit
  • TorGuard – the simplest VPN that Reddit offers for use in everyday life
  • Mullvad – the most anonymous VPN as per Reddit community

We don’t expect you believe us You should learn more about these VPN services in order to make the right choice to suit your needs.

We will explain the factors that distinguish VPNs from other ones and what you can be expecting from each. We also outline how you can utilize Reddit to delve more deeply into the topic.

What Reddit Users Consider When Choosing a VPN

When Reddit users suggest or select an VPN (virtual private network) They go far beyond just a simple recommendation on the internet. While all VPNs are reputable but it’s crucial to consider details like:

  • Price of the software price for the program
  • The level of anonymity offered (and the information that is logged)
  • Ability to get around blocks
  • What effect does the VPN can affect speed
  • If it is a dedicated servers for torrenting

According to what is important most to you, your requirements in these areas might be different from those of the common guidelines.


When looking around for the best VPN, price always comes into play first. You need to know what the VPN costs and how often you have to pay for it and the features you will get with that price.

The first option to examine is the free VPNs. Although some of them are reliable, the majority do not recommend using them. A free VPN isn’t always completely cost-free, and you have to pay for it by opening your device to ads or by agreeing to market your data.

Free VPNs generally slow down connection speeds and do not have the features you would are used to from the VPN.

The other options are:

  • Pay every year (usually the cheapest)
  • Pay each month (more expensive, however it is better in the short-term)
  • You can pay for a lifetime subscription

It may appear to be an excellent deal over the long run, but it’s not without issues as the free VPN. They generally offer lower quality and greater risk and there’s no guarantee that they’ll maintain security updates.

You can expect to pay an amount of $5-15 each month to get a top VPN of good quality.


If you’re using an VPN and you trust the service to safeguard your sensitive data. Based on the information they collect and what they log, an VPN service could pay attention to and record information like:

  • IP address that originated
  • Your favorite VPN server location
  • Websites you browse/visit activities data
  • Time stamps for connections

The more they log more, the less secure you are, and the more information they provide to third party. You’ll want to use a VPN that can do the best it can to protect your privacy online.

They make it simple to discover the data they gather, the reason they gather it, the length of time they keep it as well as what happens to it. If you’re unable to locate this information, it’s best to take a step of caution.

Unblocking Abilities

There are instances where an VPN that has unblocking capabilities comes in useful. You may want to circumvent geo-restrictions in order to stream your favourite shows or require the service for a different reason, ensure that your VPN software supports this feature prior to making a payment.

This isn’t something new and a majority of streaming providers have tried to eliminate this method. Finding a VPN with blocking abilities is more difficult and more so than it has ever been.


Choose an VPN that won’t impede the speed of your internet service provider as you’re using it.

The most effective way to accomplish this is to find credible speed tests on the internet (searching through Reddit is a good idea). It is not a good idea to look at the same table of is tested once and then to the end of the road; find one which tests under various situations, such as:

  • Different times of the day and different days of the week
  • Different nations (namely that of your nation of birth)
  • Different usage conditions (i.e. downloading vs. streaming)

Certain websites, like VPNpro, simplify VPN test by decreasing variables, allowing them to evaluate different VPN programs with greater rigor.

Torrenting and P2P Server

VPNs are vital when you intend to torrent and it is recommended to choose one with specific P2P servers. VPNs with a strong reputation for this type of service generally provide the highest level of privacy and will help to maintain the speed of your connection.

They may also come with additional features like:

  • Split tunneling
  • Kill switches
  • Port forwarding
  • Fully audited servers and apps

VPNs that automatically connect you with an P2P server near you when they spot torrents, stop the need to search through a multitude of servers that do not support the torrenting activity, which saves you time.

Top VPNs in 2023 Per Reddit User Recommendations

For your convenience Here are the top Reddits most popular VPN suggestions.

1. NordVPN – the Best VPN Service According to Reddit Users

Based In: Panama

Logs? : No

streaming platforms: Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, ABC iView, Disney+, and many more

Most affordable price: $2.99/month when you pay for two years


  • A few of the most fast VPN speeds
  • Protection against DNS leaks
  • Transparent no-log policy
  • Fantastic price (especially for customers who are loyal or long-term contracts)
  • Unblocking streaming
  • Torrenting
  • Customer service response


  • Some users encounter issues with auto-connect functions.

NordVPN is not exempt from issues, but the majority Reddit users are of the opinion that it’s on high on the agenda. Actually, the majority of users don’t even mention it since they typically experience great speeds and reasonable prices.

Accessing Nord VPN doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree and is one of the most effective alternatives for people who are new to VPNs. The majority of VPN users begin here and will never leave since there’s no reason to leave.

It’s among the best choice for those who use VPNs exclusively for streaming, and the specialized servers attract users from specific communities.

2. Surfshark – Best Budget VPN

Based In: Netherlands

Logs? : No

Streaming Platforms: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube, HBO MAX

Most affordable price: $2.30/month (with 24 month contract)


  • Top speeds
  • Budget-friendly
  • Torrenting
  • Unblocking capabilities
  • Prevention of DNS leaks


  • iOS cannot split tunnels
  • Limited GPS fake GPS

If you’re looking to spend the least amount of money possible, and still get a top VPN, Reddit users recommend Surfshark. This is also a fantastic price option for those who are unsure of the cost of an VPN and their monthly cost is lower than other VPNs.

The option of simultaneous connections offered by Surfshark is a popular choice among customers and has earned it gained a reputation for being able to remove streaming restrictions. There are many servers around the world, which contribute to speedy connections and reliable connections (many are claiming it to be as the world’s fastest VPN company).

Negative remarks usually target their VPN’s host country. The Netherlands are part of the 15 eyes agreement however, Surfshark VPN has made an official statement about how this does not affect their policy of no-logs.

3. PrivateVPN – Reliable Speed


  • Free trial
  • Torrenting
  • Post forwarding
  • Secure server cores


  • Fewer servers
  • Poor streaming performance
  • Lacks split tunneling

Based In: Sweden

Logs? : No

streamer platforms include Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video and many more

Most affordable price: $2/month (with 36 month subscription)

Redditors frequently suggest PrivateVPN for torrenting however, it’s also a fantastic general-purpose VPN. There were some issues with IP leaks, but they were swiftly solved, which is a great sign of responses time.

While it does support a number of streaming services, there’s a lack of consistency. For instance, US and Japanese Netflix does not seem to work and Redditors don’t seem to be tolerant of this. This could be changing in the near future, or it could get more severe, however it’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

4. TorGuard – Best for Torrenting

Based In: United States

Logs? No Activity logs

Streaming Platforms: YouTube

Most affordable price: $5/month (with annual subscription)


  • Security/IPv6 leak prevention
  • Speeds for uploads and downloads
  • Torrenting reputation
  • IP bundles


  • Poor streaming performance
  • Inconsistency
  • Lacks auditing history

Although US-based VPNs aren’t the most popular choice, TorGuard does a lot to compensate for this. There are plenty of blogs that boast about their customer support, security and speed of connection. Speed of upload and download are crucial to torrenting and TorGuard simplifies everything.

The most significant issue is its image. TorGuard isn’t audited or inspected, and a few (not everyone) users say that it isn’t compatible with torrenting in any way. This is completely contrary to other reviews and might require a bit of research before making a choice.

5. ProtonVPN – Best for Streaming & Visiting Onion Sites

Based In: Switzerland

Logs? : No

Streaming Platforms: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, SyFy, Hulu, Disney +

Best price: Free version: $4.99/month for a 2-year subscription


  • The version for free (medium speed)
  • Create your own plan versions
  • Allows torrenting
  • Superb streaming speeds
  • Unlimited connections


  • Free option is slow

If you are concerned about your online security and want an only VPN to stream, ProtonVPN is the best choice. The VPN accelerator feature gives you an extremely smooth and fast speed. It’s a fantastic option for users who wish to utilize a VPN using the public WIFI or other network shared.

ProtonVPN may not be as reliable as other VPNs however it does cover its all the bases. Fast upload and download speeds Unlimited connections, as well as special servers are always pleasant to look at.

The fact that it is free makes it an ideal choice for those looking to surf the internet completely anonymously, with no logs being kept.

6. Mullvad – Best for Anonymity

Based In: Sweden

Logs? : No

Streaming Services: YouTube

Best Price: $6/month


  • Superb speed thanks to WireGuard protocol
  • Torrenting
  • Anonymity


  • Prices fluctuate and there are no long-term contracts.
  • Poor streaming compatibility
  • Fewer servers

With its open source, no-nonsense solution, Mullvad is one of the top VPN providers who focuses on keeping your personal information secure while providing the most transparency possible. Users are able to remain secure, and don’t require an email address to sign up for an account.

Payments can be made via bitcoin or cash in order to preserve privacy, and the service has a number server servers.

Being one of the first companies to adopt this WireGuard Protocol, Mullvad VPN maintains top speeds. In addition, the tunneling technology was partially funded by Mullvad in the beginning and you can see the things they’re passionate about.

Although streaming options are limited but security is good.

What is The Best VPN Reddit 2023?

reddit social icon

Based on thousands of Reddit reviews, the top-rated and the overall most reliable Reddit VPN is the Panama-based NordVPN. The service consists of an extremely fast connection speed as well as high security standards, as well as a competitive price.

Why We Look to Reddit Users for VPN Recommendations

There are VPN suggestions anywhere on the internet, however there are several reasons why we are awestruck by Reddit user reviews and look for help from these communities.

In a nutshell:

  • Reddit users are relatable and they’re not trying to create an image of social media.
  • Reddit users provide honest opinions, and it’s not difficult to tell what’s genuine within a community.
  • It’s easy to spot trends, for example, VPNs that work, or VPNs that everyone should ever use.

Professional reviews are great However, recent scandals and trends can make it difficult to trust certain companies. It is not uncommon for word of mouth to be used in these instances however Reddit users tackle the problem with honesty.


When it boils down to it, those who run Reddit accounts are like us. Many communities are not open to gimmicks or marketers, and the users are aware of Reddit culture enough to be authentically themselves.

There are communities in nearly every field and you can search the appropriate area on the web to seek suggestions.

It’s worth it since you’re talking to people who are similar to you and not promoting people or those who will direct users into the “link in bio”. It’s not a guarantee that you won’t come across these people on Reddit but they stand out like an unintentional stick.

Fake or special Reddit account are simple to identify. If you go through their past engagements and discover various interactions, it’s probably an actual person. Marketing experts lack realism as well as range. They’ll only speak about particular topics or companies.

Raw Opinions

Reddit is where raw views and raw honesty thrive. Nobody is making a recommendation on clout, or for paid advertising, but it’s evident that they are.

We’ll go over how to recognize fake accounts and sponsored posts in the future but the stark distinction between them and the typical account or comment is evident. Instead of a simple and detailed explanation of the VPN is the best choice for you, you receive something sexy and scripted.

Reddit users don’t shy from pointing out the flaws of the product. They may be enthralled by it however, they’re able to do a good job of being into your position and figuring out what you should be aware of. They’ll offer criticism and praise on the same page typically, but more than the former.

Noticing Trends

Due to the way Reddit is organized it’s easy to detect patterns with specific VPNs or other services. In reality, there are subreddits dedicated to issues related to specific products.

If not, Reddit users don’t hesitate to make a fuss about blunders or trends, such as:

  • Data logging scandals
  • Slow speeds
  • Information leaks
  • Malware
  • Poor customer service

If someone talks about something, and then everyone agrees with the person, it’s unlikely to be to be slander.

How to determine credibility using Reddit VPN Comments

Many will tell you to not be a fan of Reddit since it’s much more secure than other social media websites. Although this may be true in specific circumstances (stranger risk is always present) it is possible to determine the credibility of this site quite easily.

Anonymous accounts can be easy to spot and Reddit actively assists users identify them.

Usually, they come with one or more of these characteristics:

  • A bank account that is less than 2 months old
  • Or, an extremely promotional username
  • Poor English (in certain circumstances)
  • Generic comments with ad-like language

The promotional comments are not as authentic that you would want from Reddit. While other users are responding to your question in a way that is nimble marketers try to take control of the conversation and guide the conversation to their own direction and only speak positively about their products.

It’s typically tacky and unproductive.

If you’re uncertain about the comments alone and are unsure if you can trust their comment, look up the profile page of their account. There’s usually an absence of diversity the activity of their account, a young profile, or a lack of contacts with others promoted by.

Be cautious when someone offers you discounts or a referral link, regardless of whether they’re trustworthy.

Reddit-User VPNs Recommended for Video Streaming

Video streaming is among the main reasons why users need a VPN, and the majority of Reddit users recommend NordVPN to accomplish this purpose. However, purchasing streaming service doesn’t give you the full library of their service as well as you may not be able to use the program in certain regions.

For instance, Netflix in the UK has a number of movies but United States users are unable to access or access. A VPN will change your location, which allows you to access those titles without the need to board a plane.

In addition, streaming VPNs must be capable of:

  • Unblock the streaming services you require (no need to spend money on an option that just clears Hulu in the event that you’d like the Netflix titles)
  • Additional VPN server (and in the places you require)
  • Multiple connection (if you share your VPN with someone else)

There are also features such as smart DNS, split tunneling and so on, which can improve your streaming experience as well as handle your connections with more convenience.

VPNs to Avoid According to Reddit Users

We’ve provided you with the top VPN services to try first however, what are the ones to avoid at all cost? Reddit users are fairly united on this point.

The list of names could extend beyond this list, but the three VPNs with the most negative reputation on reddit are:

  • AirVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • Private Internet Access

Reddit users aren’t making these assertions lightly, and there are numerous similar complaints to each.


AirVPN has many advantages for it, such as speed, open source software, and logging policy however, all of that is irrelevant when you don’t have an excellent connection and Reddit users.

Complaints can be categorized as:

  • Long response time
  • Slow download speeds
  • Unreliable practices

It is possible to find simply better alternatives available.


Unpredictable incidents aren’t an ideal thing, particularly when sensitive data is at stake in the process, and Express VPN isn’t short on the same. Although ExpressVPN boasts that it is an elite VPN service, its security is a matter of doubt.

They were purchased from Kape Technologies, a known malware distributor, and has a few poor operations in-house. Coupled with unintentional disconnects, leaks of IP addresses, and other hiring errors The VPN has not earned the respect you’d like or want to know about.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access has quite a number of security issues, such as the possibility of handing over users’ data during court. Private Internet Access is part of Kape Technologies as well, and they raise several red flags that be worth using.

Although they’re among the most affordable options but their bad reputation doesn’t justify the risk.

Reddit User Opinions on Free VPN Services

Most of the time, Reddit users who don’t want to be a nuisance to their privacy are about free VPNs. However those who are sensitive to their privacy should select trustworthy VPN providers that have strict policies against logs in place.

The downsides of a no-cost VPN are identity theft as well as financial loss. It’s safer to be secure and pay a small amount each year to ensure that your data and your money safe.

Honorable Mentions

A tiny percentage of Reddit users would recommend Windscribe, Atlas VPN, IPVanish, PureVPN, and OVPN.

Although they’re not as well-known as VPNs that made our list of top VPNs, these services offer a wide range of servers, as well as solid security features. They definitely deserve your attention.

VPN Subreddits to Find Recommendations and Assistance


The self-described Reddit community is home to more than 20k members and ranks within the top five percentage of community (ranked in terms of size). The rules of the community are very simple:

  • You can only write in-depth first-hand review of VPNs. You are not allowed to post spam or other nonsense.
  • The posts should be reviews and not angry rants (meaning greater depth in posts, and the abridgement of “I had an issue and I’m going to throw a fit here”)
  • No links to marketing.

It is easy to find well-written VPN reviews and analysis to assist you in making the right choice.


If you’re looking for an online group of VPN users who are solely focused on torrenting, then r/VPNTorrents is the community you’re searching for. The site includes useful links in their pinned posts, and moderators enforce rules to reduce the impact on false information, piracy and affiliate programs.

While r/VPNTorrents isn’t allowed to allow off-topic posts However, they do allow links with other communities in case you’re seeking more discussion regarding torrenting.


If you’re already familiar with (and an admirer of) Tom Spark, then the subreddit r/NetflixViaVPN could be your ideal. The subreddit’s focus is on expanding the content available on Netflix by using VPN. VPN It boasts more than 80,000 people participating in the conversation.

Rules are designed to keep everyone in good spirits and reducing on promotional or spam content The FAQs will give you an easy way to get started.


If you’re searching for a simple way to address their VPN issues, r/VPN has one of the biggest and most established communities. With over 125,000 members, the community to the top 1 percent of users, and they continue to keep the conversation alive.

It is possible to find a detailed comparison table to help you get started, and then go further to find out everything you can about VPNs.

Rules are more stringent, however they try to ensure that everything is as fair as possible. Examples include:

  • We are not Naming particular VPN providers
  • Not requesting or providing any recommendations for providers.
  • The requirement for proof to support your assertions

This isn’t the right place to inquire about specific recommendations for products, but they can help you solve your problems and figure out what you require.

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